Friday, April 3, 2009

Make $ the clean way!

In our everyday lives, we are exposed to elements that we can't avoid. They are harmful to ourselves and the environment.  Shaklee is a company that offers solutions that are safe for you,
your home, and your planet.  I interviewed Jennifer Poston (JP) with Shaklee to learn more about the business opportunity.

30daysof: What is the name of your business?
JP: Poston Partners in Health (Shaklee)

30daysof: Why did you get started in this business?

JP: The timing was right for us, along with an incredible first impression of the company and products.  My husband had just lost his teaching job and we were floundering as to what to do for money.  Also, the more we looked into the company, the more impressed we were by it's history, the science behind the products, their priorities about caring for the environment and people's health, and their ethics.  We knew it was something we wanted to share with other people, and we loved that we could make money doing it!
30daysof: Is there a start up cost? Describe the start up cost and what you need to do to qualify for promotion or revenues, trips, cars?
JP: There are 3 ways to start, ranging from $19.95 to $299.  The higher the level you choose to start, the more opportunities there are to make significant amounts of money.  The great thing about the highest level ($299) is that what you are paying for is mostly products that you get to keep yourself, to begin familiarizing yourself with the products.  The concept is that it's hard to sell something you don't use and believe in yourself!  
There are always MANY opportunities for earning incentives.  There are trips that you can qualify for through doing different business activities and earning points for the trip through them.  The company likes to see their distributors succeed, and it shows!  You move up in "ranks" in the company simply by growing your business--through your customer base and the people you train to build a business "under" you.
30daysof: How do you stay motivated? Books, quotes, people who inspire, etc...
JP: Staying connected is crucial in this type of business.  It is easy slack off when no one is looking over your shoulder.  In Shaklee there are so many ways to stay connected!  I have an incredible mentor who has become a good friend, and she calls and checks in on me frequently.  She holds meetings at her house and over the phone with her business builders so we can support each other and continue to learn.  There are online meetings as well as conference calls.  I also have a variety of books that have been recommended to me by those who mentor me, that I can refer to when I need a mental boost.

30daysof: What is your favorite product or the best selling product (service) you offer?
JP: I personally love all of our products, but there are two lines that are especially necessary in our family, and that are very popular with my customers.  One is our green cleaning line, which many people are interested in because of the surge in eco-awareness.  The other is our weight-loss/management line called Cinch, which is different than many other weight-loss products out there because of the emphasis on losing weight WHILE keeping you lean muscle.  Shaklee even has a "Biggest Loser" competition going right now for those using the Cinch products, and the prizes are big money!

30daysof: What is your biggest challenge in marketing your business?
JP: The cost.  Because our products are the highest quality, they are not your Walmart prices!  It is sometimes hard to show people that you get what you pay for, especially with things like vitamins.  People don't realize they are not all created equal, and that some can even be harmful!

30daysof: How do you get paid? 
JP: Shaklee has 5 ways total that they pay people.  It is easiest to explain it using visuals that I have online, so if people want details I show them those.  The great thing, though, is that I don't have to keep track of ANY of it myself.  Shaklee keeps track of it for me, and I just get my check every month with my statement.  It is a very easy business to maintain money-wise!

30daysof: Is there room for advancement (growth)?
JP: Definitely, that is part of what drew my husband and I to it!  There is no "glass ceiling".  You can give yourself a raise anytime you want, as long as you are willing to put in the work to do it!
30daysof: Who is your competition? Other companies that sell the same products or services? Why did you choose yours?
JP: Melaleuca is one of them.  I haven't personally looked too much into it...I just know how over-the-top impressed I am by Shaklee and their products! 

30daysof: How can someone contact you to learn more about the product?
JP: They can visit my website at


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