Wednesday, April 28, 2010

30daysof...Love (A contest)

What's love got to do with it? The answer - everything. Love is an intense feeling of deep emotion - aka fondness, passion, desire, worship. Without it, our existence becomes monotonous and dull.

Do we look for love or should it occur naturally? How come some people know their passion from an early age whereas others just accept a daily routine at their 9-5 job? Some people find their "soul mate" upon first glance. Many marry a person because the "Joneses" said it was the next step in life.

In my case, I love so many things. It is difficult to stay focused and give passion to just one. I love to create products for kids ( I have a desire to entertain and serve others (, I have an infatuation with design ( and I am highly enthusiastic about writing (storytime experiment)

But of all things, I am completely in love with being a mom and my husbands new girlfriend. Many people ask me why I refer to myself as his new girlfriend. The reason is, when we are girlfriends we show our best to the guy we are dating. We are patient and tend to overlook the little stuff that doesn't matter. (Read our toaster story here)

Unfortunately it took me 13 years of marriage before I realized if things didn't change, I wouldn't even be a wife. Both he and I were at a crossroads. Instead of going our separate ways we started attending Crossroads Church. (appropriately named, right?)
We felt the love of God immediately working there. During that time, we made the decision to put God in the center of our marriage. We were baptized by artist, Carol Duarte (the inspiration for the "I found Love" Photo Album) and joined the FUSE community for couples. This group of people open their hearts and share personal experiences for us to learn from. We grow to understand ourself and learn how we can share a happy life together.

I AM happier and it's because God's Love is in my heart. So to reiterate, Love does have everything to do with it. Now I keep my eyes open and look for love as well as be in the moment at all times so it can find me.
I have created a contest to help others look for love. Whenever you see anything formed in the shape of a heart, stop in that moment and give thanks for what you have. Then, take a picture of it and upload it to our facebook fanpage photo album titled, I found Love. The image can not be graphically produced or manipulated for the contest - you should just happen naturally. The acceptance of each picture will be at the discretion of myself for eligibility purposes.

All pictures must be uploaded between May 1-31 in order to be eligible for the contest prize - A $100 dollar gift card to Tiffany & Co or the  necklace (pictured above) will be awarded to the picture with the most votes.

 So open your eyes and your hearts and go look for love. It will find you. I promise.

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