Monday, January 26, 2009

Resolution New You #22 - Walk the walk, 4 times a year

The benefits of walking have been proven over and over again.  We know it is good for us.  We know it makes us feel better after we do it.  We know 15 minutes a day is supposed to curb your urge for eating that chocolate you don't need. But why don't we do it? You can not blame it on facebook.  (I already tried and they accept no responsibility.)

One way to enjoy walking more is to make yourself a great imix of songs.  At iTunes, Nike has some sport mixes that are suitable to all music tastes.  
Another, go through your calendar and ink it with at least 4 walkathons this year. Walkathons benefit you in two ways: first, it's exercise and second, they usually support a charity. You help your body AND soul by participating in a walkathon.  Add friends to the mix and you will be satisfied on all levels.  


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