Thursday, January 29, 2009

Resolution New You #27 - Play the same game as Buffet and Gates do

I have been in a bunko group for 10 years now.  The game itself is, boring, repetitive, and unstimulating - to me.  The reasons I stay? Easy.  My friends are fun, spontaneous, and energizing. However in the 10 years we have been together, I have encouraged them to switch to poker, and possibly bridge.  The bridge subculture is diverse and not comprised of the stereotypical little old ladies we imagine.  Bums, brainiacs, and billionaires (Bill Gates and Warren Buffet) fill up local bridge clubs, national tournaments, and online bridge parlors. Learning to play bridge or poker will allow you to match wits and witicisms with the people in your life.  Plus you might win some dinero.  

All the two games need are good judgement, the ability to focus, or simply the ability to carry a straight face and pretend like your the wisest person at the table.  In the end, the cards will determine your fate.
To learn the basics of poker, go to  Or simply watch some games being played on tv.  
To learn the basics of bridge, visit .


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